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List of Bands that Played at Pegasus and in the Garage over the Years. 

work in progress

4/16/16 (In Store) RSD Last Day of Pegasus ft. Doc Dailey Music - Red Mouth - Sailour music video debut

2/25/16 (In Store) Tour of Alabama Record Stores ft Daniel Elias + Exotic Dangers

1/16/16 (In Store) Clara Belle & the Creeps Album Release Party

7/18/15 (In Store) Muscle Shoals Legacy of FAME book signing by Blake Ells ft performances by Russell Mefford, Hannah Aldridge, & Jay Burgess

4/18/15 (In Store) RSD ft Mitch Mann - Cold Sweats

4/19/14 (In Store) RSD ft Fiddleworms - The Pyles - Elias Daniel Crisler

4/4/14 (Garage) Dogwood Vandals EP Release Show - Daniel Elias + Exotic Dangers - Jay Burgess

2/28/14 (Garage) Red Mouth - An Abstract Theory - Planet Ink 

2/21/14 (In Store) St Paul & the Broken Bones Album Signing

10/18/13 (Garage) Grace & Tony - Firekid ft Dillon Hodges

9/12/13 (Garage) Rape Response Awareness Show ft SCM Electrix - the Sipsey Gypsies -Mary Katherin Rowe

7/23/13 (Garage) Handy Fest The Weeks - Gnarly Charlies - Cicada Screamers - While the Ship Sinks

3/1/13 (Garage) The Old Souls - Kyle Bragwell & The Motions - The Edward Armstead Project

8/2/12 (Garage) Grace & Tony - The Pyles - Religious Husband 

9/?/11 (In Store) Underhill Family Orchestra - Cory Cox - Jamie Barrier Band?

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